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The Leona Group offers 24 exciting school choices in Arizona, including elementary, junior high and high schools. All of our high schools are fully accredited by AdvancED and offer a rich variety of programs. All of our schools provide a quality educational choice in a safe, caring environment.

You will find Leona schools in the greater Phoenix area, Casa Grande, Lake Havasu City and Tucson.

Relocating? We also have schools in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Florida.


All Leona Group Schools offer a quality choice in tuition-FREE education - for ALL families regardless of income.

Welcome to the Leona Group - A new kind of public school.


In 1997, The Leona Group opened its first charter high schools in Arizona. At that time, Arizona was recognized as the national leader in charter school education due to the foresight of its legislators, and business/community leaders who boldly created the best charter school legislation in our country. Because of these powerful initiatives, we have had the freedom and opportunity to make a real difference in public school education and we have had tremendous success in doing so.





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