To complement its educational support services, The Leona Group provides a full array of professional services including communications and marketing, human resources, legal counsel, risk management and technology.

Communications & marketing
The Leona Group marketing and communications team assists in the creation and implementation of personalized and strategic annual plans to attract students and maintain enrollment. Assistance in employee, media, parent and community communications also is provided. Services include:

Specific advertising elements include print advertising (such as brochures, posters, fliers, newspaper advertising), television and/or radio campaigns and annual reports.

Human resources
The Leona Group handles all recruiting, payroll, certification compliance, licensure and permitting, benefits and personnel matters for all employees and also assumes responsibility for the complex and technical regulatory issues in human resources.

The Leona Group human resources department works collaboratively with school leaders to recruit, hire and orient new staff, review employee qualifications and ensures that staff applies for appropriate permits and meet certification or licensing requirements. Criminal background checks, pre-employment drug screening and unprofessional conduct checks are completed on all employees prior to hire.  

Risk management
As of March 2009, The Leona Group employs the only Certified School Risk Manager in Arizona,  Florida, Louisiana and Michigan. The risk management department works to:

Whether helping schools with planning field trips, transportation or protecting its building and assets, the department coordinates the planning, organizing, and controlling of property assets and activities in "just in case" scenarios. The department also works with  coordinating the investigation, evaluation and disposition of all claims filed against the company for damages or persons and to coordinate the elements of the claims adjustment process including payment of claims.

Leona Group schools receive support for all aspects of technology, from infrastructure
and network management to technical troubleshooting, support for office operations and network  and support services for instruction. The Leona Group ensures compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). The Leona Group provides maximum technological services while minimizing budgetary impact by partnering on technology plan development and implementation, assisting and supervising school-based technology reports such as student count management, and acquiring appropriate hardware and software for educational and business purposes.


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