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About us

The Leona Group, a family of professionals working to raise the bar in public education, was formed in 1996 in Michigan by Dr. William Coats, a nationally-recognized leader in education reform.

The Leona Group currently manages over 50 school sites in Arizona, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio and is one of the largest education service providers in the United States.


Our mission

The Leona Group stands firmly on the foundation and belief that all children, regardless of economic or social status, can learn and achieve. This belief permeates throughout the organization and is vibrant in each Leona-managed school.


Our organization is proudly named after Dr. Coats' mother, Leona, whose educational experiences were limited because of societal expectations in the small Ohio rural town that she grew up in. 


By continually challenging itself--and its employees, schools, and students-- The Leona Group strives for continuous improvement toward a common goal: to ensure that every student achieves to his or her own unique potential. Leona Group employees are among the most inspired, committed and talented professionals in the industry. Each day, Leona employees make significant positive differences in student's lives.




The Leona Group will assist you in every aspect of managing a public charter school academy from start-up to implementation. Our team members walk you through forming a board of education and attaining a charter contract from an authorizer or sponsor. The team will also assure your site location meets local building codes and houses your students in a safe learning environment and help implement a funding plan to make your “dream” school a reality.

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